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Secondary development of waste wood


   Timber can be developed resources continue to decrease, many can not even regenerate, these resources and our lives are closely related, but these resources sooner or later have dried up the day, so the wood chip manufacturers as environmental protection industry, environmentally friendly wood chip manufacturers more responsibility to use crusher equipment Wood chipper equipment for recycling of waste wood resources. In the manufacture of furniture, there are a lot of wood are needed to intercept the use of the rest of the wood can not be used is inevitable. It is also a pity to throw them away, as well as landscaping and crop stalks to abandon a lot of renewable materials, if they are secondary processing can play a greater value. The right to use these waste wood, you can call the material processing as wood or wood powder materials, old furniture, the old house to remove the waste wood removal, disposable wood products, construction waste wood, old rotten wood and other urban waste wood regardless What kind of waste wood, can be carried out in two ways of processing. With the continuous development of science and technology in various industries, the scope of application of wood chips and wood materials is more and more widely, Buddha incense, Zen incense, mosquito coils are raw materials from wood flour, and used in edible fungus cultivation, power generation, paper , Briquetting, processing mechanism charcoal, etc., can be reused.