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Significance and setting of CHIPPER SHREDDER


A large number of branches are pruned every year during the greening of the city. The branches under pruning are different in shape, size and uneven in thickness, so it is inconvenient to collect and arrange. The branches of fluffy, low transport efficiency, time-consuming and laborious, and transportation safety. But out of branches, is fed to the landfill, burned part. Although the branches have been dealt with, they have polluted the environment and wasted manpower and material resources. Therefore not but to the municipal department branches have a headache problem, is the annual plant, schools, community, orchards are facing problems. The local branch of chipping and pulverizing, not only can save transportation costs, reduce the accumulation of land, environmental purification branches, chipping the crushed foliage slag can also be used for the production of organic compost, soil improvement, recycling; or processed into wood pulp and paper production process and artificial board required; or after crushing the production into a compressed fuel block or as a bare land cover, turning waste into. In recent years, branch chipping crushing quietly rising, which not only greatly changed by human litter processing mode, accelerate the processing speed of the leaves and branches, but also saves the cost, but also reduces the amount of labor workers, has become the inevitable development trend of processing branches. Therefore, development of branch mill, to improve processing efficiency, expand the tree branches, improve the utilization rate of branches use, saving resources, beautify the environment has important significance.
The branches broken machine is provided with a device body, moving body is arranged on the side of the wood crushing and the formation of biological rotary crushing device, is arranged on the upper part of the rotary vane of the crushing device supply device, from the rotary crushing device to a body in the lower part of the direction of the other end side to set the a rotary crusher broken out and discharged to the outside biological out device, is arranged in a rotary crushing device and a conveying device between the drive device, rotary driving device, broken wing type feeding device and the device driver to move out.
It mainly depends on the impact energy to complete the broken biological work. The stump hammer crusher work, motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, biological evenly enters the crusher cavity stump, hammer impact, high-speed rotary shear biological biological being broken, and the gravity of the biological organisms from the high-speed rotation of the hammer to the frame body, a baffle screen, in the lower part of the rotor. With sieve plate, crushing less than sieve size in biological particles discharged through the sieve plate, biological resistance in the sieve sieve size greater than continue to be a hammer blow and grinding.