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Some Tips for Log Splitter Maintenance


Check the hydraulic oil leak. If you suspect that the hydraulic fluid is leaking from your logarithmic dispenser, you can check it through a piece of cardboard or wood under a damaged area. Must wear work gloves and safety glasses to prevent dangerous liquids.

Fill the hydraulic oil. When your logarithmic dispenser's hydraulic oil is low, your machine will have significantly less power. To determine the amount of hydraulic oil to be added, you must first remove the filler plug. Then fill the hydraulic oil unit until it is three quarters full.

Remove the air from the hydraulic cylinder. After adding the right amount of hydraulic oil, you need to remove or remove the captured air from the cylinder. First extend the piston rod to the maximum length and remove the oil filler. Then, turn the release screw counterclockwise as soon as possible. The piston rod will pull back into the cylinder, which will cause the air to be released.

Sharpen the blade. When you sharpen the blades on the log splitter in time, use a thick metal file to sharpen any blunt area and repair the chips and cuts in the blade. In order to sharpen the blade angle, make the sides of the blade smooth to change the sharp point. Then, run a fine metal file along the edge of the blade to complete the process.

Regularly clean up the log splitter. If your hydraulic shunt is not self-cleaning, be sure to clean the machine regularly to remove oil, grease and debris. Before making any cleaning, make sure that the machine is always turned off. Clear the debris around the machine, so nothing in the operation can be stored in the log splitter.

Store the log splitter in a dry storage area to avoid damage to water and mold. Cover the machine with a tarpaulin to prevent additional protection.

Replace the worn log splitter parts. If any log splitter parts are worn or damaged, be sure to replace them before operating the machine. When you are ready to buy, compare parts and models to new parts. This will ensure that you are buying the correct parts for a particular hydraulic shunt.

In order to ensure proper maintenance of the log splitter, be sure to refer to the operating manual for maintenance and maintenance instructions for your model. Your log splitter parts will work correctly and effectively so that you can split more wood at a faster rate.