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Some Tips to Exchange the Oil of Black Diamond Log Splitter


The hydraulic Black Diamond Log Splitter divides the wood into firewood. The separator has a small motor. The motor runs a pump to pressurize the oil in the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic plunger pushes the wood upwards to the limbs of the wood ends.

The engine oil should be checked before each use. When inspecting the engine oil, unplug the logarithmic dispenser. Take the corresponding size of the hex wrench into the amount of dipstick. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag. And then re-insert the dipstick. Pull out again and check the level of the mark on the dip. Refuel as needed.

The hydraulic shunt must be maintained to operate effectively. The hydraulic cylinder can have excess air therein and will reduce the power. You must discharge the air out of the system to work properly. In order to discharge the cylinder, the piston rod is fully extended. Remove the oil filling plug. Quickly remove the release screw. The piston rod will push into the cylinder and push the air out of the oil filling hole. Reinsert the plug.

Another reason to reduce power is that hydraulic oil may be low. In order to add more hydraulic oil to remove the oil stopper. Refueling to 75% full Then follow the steps above to discharge the system.

The oil in the shunt is pumped through the filter. You should change the filter regularly. Simply take off the old, put some oil on the "O" ring. Put the new filter and tighten it.

To replace the hydraulic oil, place the separator on a block or saw horse so that you can reach the drain plug. Then place a container under the plug. Remove the fuel filler. The drain plug is then pulled out to allow the hydraulic oil to drain and enter the container. Once all the oil has been drained, replace the drain plug. And then pour the replacement oil by filling the funnel in the hole. It takes about 6 quarts of oil to fill the reservoir. Now remove the funnel. Check the oil level with the dipstick.

To replace the engine oil, place the container under the drain plug. Remove the dipstick and drain plug. Let the oil fall into the container. Once all the oil has been drained, replace the stopper. Fill the tank with a funnel. Add about 1 product to oil. Remove the funnel and then check the oil level with a dip bar.