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Straw Crusher Use Skills


   Straw crusher can crush corn stem, straw, peanut skin, bean stalk, firewood and other crops can burn waste. To avoid the burning of these crops straw, a good protection of the environment, the effective development of renewable energy. The machine is reliable, easy to operate and convenient. The equipment produces a wide range of raw materials, can be adapted to corn stalks, straw, peanut skin, bean stalk, firewood and other crops can burn waste. Zhengzhou Cheng billion mechanical experts summed up the use of straw grinder skills:
   (1) Straw crusher should be fixed on the ground, you can use cement to fix. Such as frequent changes in the workplace, grinder and motor to be installed in the angle made of the base.
   (2) Straw crusher should be carefully checked after installation in place to check whether the installation is not strong enough. Whether the motor shaft and the pulverizer shaft are parallel, and check that the belt tightness is appropriate.
   (3) before the start of the straw shredder, first turn the rotor by hand to check whether the operation is flexible and normal, whether the collision within the case, the direction of rotation of the rotor is correct, motor and pulverizer lubrication is good and so on.
   (4) feeding, the staff should stand on the side of the straw shredder, to prevent the bounce out of the debris wounded. Smash the long stalk when the hand can not be too tight to prevent the hand was brought into.
   (5) Straw crusher in the stop before the first stop feeding, standby material excluded, and then cut off the power supply shutdown. After cleaning to carry out cleaning and maintenance.
   (6) straw shredder 300 hours after operation, to be cleaned bearings, replacement of oil; installed oil, to full bearing clearance of 1/3 as well, up to no more than 1/2. For long periods of time, remove the belt.
   (7) Straw mill do not often change the pulley, to prevent the speed is too high or too low.
   (8) straw shredder after the start should be idle for 2 to 3 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon after feeding work.
   (9) Straw crusher to be uniform, if found to have noise, bearing and body temperature is too high or outward spray and other phenomena, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting.
   (10) Straw crusher work before the staff should carefully check the material to prevent metal, stones and other hard objects into the crushing chamber caused the accident.