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Successfully Use a Log Splitter


Considering that it is a heavy-duty piece of machinery, Log Splitter require careful thought before purchasing. We need to know how to use it in order to help us do better work. Once again, it greatly depends on the tree that you are trying to cut down, based on its size and thickness. Therefore, here are some aspects to look into while looking around:

​1. Maximum Load

Also known as the “ability” or “capacity” load, knowing just how much a log splitter can take in terms of the number of logs that it can slice through at once. Especially if you tend to have a lot of logs that require to be cut, then going with a hefty one will work the best. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the machine is, the more it can go through.

2. Being Portable

Portable - convenient handle and never-flat tires. What's the best log splitter on the market for homeowners? At the same time, you do not want your log splitter to be so heavy that it is virtually impossible to carry it around with you. Particularly if you tend to move from place to place when cutting down trees and splitting logs, having easy-to-manage machinery will be more convenient in the long run. Plus, it saves you the hassle and the energy needed for other activities!

3. Power And Speed

Similar to 1, a log splitter must not only be strong enough to slice through thick and/or numerous log parts, but also be able to handle different wood types. Some kinds of wood, especially from older trees, tend to be tougher to cut through, as the same goes for wet wood. That said, look into the horsepower of your log splitter and see just how much it can take.

At the same time, check out the speed at which the machine can go up to. Normally, a log splitter with a cycle of fifteen seconds is considered fast, quick 20 second cycle time and auto-return control valve and so having a quick, consistent flow when turned on will make for a smooth, stable cut through even the thickest of log parts.​

4. Adjustability

Besides considering the thickness of your logs and how much the machine can take in terms of that, looking into the lengths of these materials is also important. Hence, it is necessary to find a log splitter which can adjust to different heights depending on the size of them. From short to long, having an adjustable height, along with clamps to secure them, is the way to go.​

5. Type Of Splitter

Just like with pruning saws, log splitters also have different types depending on costs and needs. While electric ones tend to be the most popular, gas and manual ones also exist:​

Commonly used by many gardeners, this particular log splitter runs on electricity, which can then be used either indoors or outdoors. As a result, there are no fumes that can be dangerous to the environment (or to your health) and are affordable.

Electric log splitters and wood splitters are powered by an electrical cord, as opposed to manual or gas log splitters.

Gas log splitters and wood splitters are powered by gas or petrol with a cc engine, as opposed to manual or electrical corded log splitters.

Manual splitters have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. One of the primary advantages of a manual splitter is the cost; with these firewood splitters being the most affordable models. You can purchase a manual splitters in one of two designs which are either vertical or horizontal which will provide up to 10 tons of splitting capacity which is typically powered by a two speed pump. This type of firewood processor is typically slower to load and will also be somewhat more physically demanding then the other two types of models available.

6. Durability

Granted, you probably do not want a log splitter that stops working after the second use: finding a good piece of machinery that can last you a long time can be difficult, but a good rule of thumb is to look for those which are made from steel. It is known to be very solid, able to withstand just about any blow or force to it, which makes for an ideal type of machinery to own.

​7. Comfort

Although you will definitely be investing a lot of time and energy into cutting down wood, having a log splitter that is comfortable enough to handle will make life a lot easier. It is the little things such as cushioned handles to grip when operating that can be a better endeavor than if they were not to exist.

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