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The 2011 Machinery Exhibition


In 2011 May, in Germany cloning held a grand machinery exhibition, I am very honored to participate.


Chopping machine also called horizontal chopping machine, guillotine type chopping machine, mobile firewood machine, Longmen type chopping machine wood splitting machine at home now. From the dynamic point manualhydraulic foot chopping machine, hydraulic machine, wood power internal combustion type hydraulic choppingmachine. Horizontal chopping machine is now the main model's main export is necessary both at home and abroad,the individual purchase. It could be real good hydraulic chopping machine manufacturers are not many. Guillotine type chopping machine, mobile firewood machine, Longmen is now the firewood machine wood processing enterprises preferred, is a special product solve large stump and special thick branches, suitable density board factory artificial board factory papermaking plant biomass power plant. Now create Division I in this aspect is very fine,is worthy of trust.