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The Advantages of Skid Steer Log Splitter


The equipment you need if you are splitting large quantities of logs every day is a skid steer log splitter. However, if you are serious about splitting logs, if it's your business and not just a weekend pastime, you need serious equipment.

A splitter attached to a skid steer vehicle is not the solution for everyone. One has to weigh the costs and the benefits. If you are operating a business where your profits depend on your ability to split wood quickly and efficiently, you should consider what you will save in time and wages against the cost of the vehicle and attachment and fuel to run it.

If you are in a business where you are splitting large numbers of logs or you are splitting very large logs, this might be the way to go. There are many kinds of log splitters to choose from depending on your specific work requirements and budget. A good low-cost option is a twenty or thirty ton horizontal attachment that works with your present skid steer loader. Look for a strong beam that won't flex or bend when lifting logs. One of these can usually handle logs up to 26 inches in length.

The vertical skid steer attachment allows you to roll logs to the splitter without having to lift them on to the machine. This saves some of the most time consuming and tiresome physical labor usually involved in wood processing. Some attachments will switch from vertical to horizontal position. Ideally the switching process should not be complicated or time consuming.

The so called "upside down" splitter is a conventional horizontal machine inverted so that the cylinder and wedge are underneath the beam. The significant advantage to the upside down splitter is that the machine approaches the log from above and grasps and splits the log with it being lifted off the ground. These attachments can usually handle logs up to 36 inches long.

The biggest advantage to the upside down splitter is that the entire wood splitting process can be conducted from inside the cab. There need be no manual moving or lifting of logs. Not only are the most time consuming parts of the job eliminated but the operator is in the safest possible place in relation to the moving parts.

The flip-flop splitter as its name implies is versatile. It can split huge logs that are too big for anyone to lift. Flipped over it can finish splitting the large logs or it can split logs that are of a more manageable size. Again, look for ease of operation in the switching process.

There are many skid steer log splitter options available. Some diligent research will pay off handsomely when you find the right machine for you and your business.