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The chip machine regularly checks the position of each component of the calibration machine


Wood chip machine regularly check the calibration machine parts location|:
1, check the correction, the wood under the wheel is in the same vertical plane, the rim is horizontal distortion. Check the method: in the wood on the front edge of the wheel to hang a line hammer, if the wood chips on both sides of the wheel and the vertical contact, then the two rounds just in the same face; if the side of the side, then the loaded partial. And then correct the two rounds of the front edge of the plane is consistent with the vertical line, if the angle with the vertical line, then the wood wheel installed torsion. Correction on the adjustment of wood chips wheel more convenient, if the partial over too large, but also adjust the wood under the wheel.
2, check the degree of wear of wood chips. Tread wear serious, it will affect the quality of cutting, alkaline short chip machine life, must be removed with lathe flat. Car usually, to protect the axle center hole, so as not to set the wrong center, resulting in saw wheel by car bias; tread cutting depth to less, to extend the life of wood wheels.
3, check the wood wheel wheel and feed direction, if not parallel, you need to adjust.
4, check the last wheel lift system, focusing on checking the degree of wear of the worm gear and screw nut gap is sawdust and other impurities, to lift the flexible light prevail.
5, check the wood chip card is vertical and flexible. If the slide rail and chute gap is too large should be trimmed.
6, check whether the automatic tensioning device is flexible. If you find the action is not working, you have to check the reasons for timely adjustment.
7, check the operation of the wood chip is stable. If there is vibration, you have to stop maintenance.
8, check the safety protection device and vacuum system to ensure reliable protection device, vacuum system is smooth.