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The chopper should be shut down and what work should be done


   First, if the split wood machine sudden shutdown accident, must immediately cut off the power, to avoid the operation of the production of other unnecessary accidents.
   Second, the voltage is too low lead to a sudden shutdown, it should immediately cut off the power: the working environment of the power supply voltage is too low, making the host in the case of larger materials do not have enough power to break. Check that the power supply is normal and adjust the voltage in the workplace so that it meets the voltage requirements of the device.
   Third, often check the parts: the machine in normal work, we must always check the machine parts, such as the V-belt elastic, bearing wear and heat, the wear of the tool, the line is aging, fracture and other issues.
   Fourth, see the discharge port is blocked phenomenon, the operator must be strictly in accordance with the use of instructions to use, do not blindly in order to rush to log wood machine non-stop feeding, to avoid more than the carrying capacity of the machine. If in the event of material clogging, it is necessary to shut down in time to clear the shredder discharge port blockage, to ensure smooth flow.
   When the split wood machine suddenly shut down the situation, do a good job checking and promptly resolved to ensure that the late non-interference to work.