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The composition and working principle of environmental wood crusher


    Environmental wood crusher is a kind of internal hammer mill, which is mainly the use of blade chips and airflow impact of the working principle of the material to be crushed to crush.    Environmental wood crusher equipment mainly by the crushing, grading, wind transport, discharge and dust five parts of the type of work, abolished the traditional old screening process, the use of air strikes once into a powder. Machine performance compared to similar products have been greatly improved. The type of crusher from the body, the body, the body under the three main components, the body installed in the three-stator large circle, crushing cutter and fineness analyzer and other structural equipment. Using the alloy head. Not only high wear resistance but also increased production. With coarse crushing, fine grinding, and centrifugal to crush, driven by the motor crusher rotor high-speed operation, so that the mechanical rotation of the high-speed airflow on the crushing material to produce high-intensity impact force, compression force, cutting force, and achieve a unique crushing function The The environmentally friendly wood shredder is a new type of production wood series before the production of the ideal woodworking machinery and equipment. Environmental wood crusher parts are mainly shell, bearing, screen, transmission wheel, groove frame composition. All materials are made of manganese steel.