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The Introduction of Cnsuperpower Lawn Sweeper


A Lawn Sweeper, also known as a leaf, is a garden tool for the removal of debris, such as the inverted leaves, pine needles, branches, grass or garbage, from the lawn or laying area. Lawn cleaning operation through a rotating brush mechanism, cleaning debris and deposition in the hopper disposal.

A lawn sweeper resembles a simple light-framed push mower with catcher, but rather than reel blades, the axle spins brushes contained in a housing. As the lawn sweeper is pushed over the lawn, the brushes rotate and "comb through" the grass, throwing back clippings, leaves, twigs, small stones and other debris into the catcher. The catcher can then be emptied onto a compost pile or into the trash.

There are two main varieties of lawn sweepers, tow-behind and push (human powered). The tow-behind is attached to a garden tractor or ATV and work best for larger lawns. Obviously these are more expensive and require larger storage areas. The push or pull lawn sweepers are human powered. Even so, most are not much more difficult to maneuver than a push lawn mower.

Quiet and pollution-free, lawn sweepers are an ecologically friendly alternative to leaf blowers or raking. Blowers have been outlawed in some cities due to the noise they produce, while raking even a relatively small lawn takes considerable time and appreciable work. Pushing a lawn sweeper is relatively easy and only takes as long as it takes to walk the lawn. This makes sweepers especially ideal for yards with small maple trees, oaks, birch or other deciduous leaf-shedders.

Lawn sweepers are lightweight, so almost anyone can use one, and removal of debris helps to keep mower blades sharp. They brush up the turf as they go, which leaves the grass standing tall and helps ensure that grass is mowed to an even height. Lawn sweepers can even be used to clean driveways or walkways after a light snow. To ensure the longevity of a lawn sweeper, it is recommended they be kept clean and dry.

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