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The Precautions for Use of Performance Built Log Splitter


Log splitter can help you reduce a lot of work pressure, but the correct use of Performance Built Log Splitter is a prerequisite. If not properly used, it will cause harm to your health.

Extension cord - Make sure your extension line is in good condition. When using the extension cord, do not have to use a line that can withstand the maximum current of the log splitter. An insufficient length of the extension line will cause the line voltage drop to cause loss of power and overheating.

Avoid unintentional start-up - Ensure that the log splitter is turned off when it is connected to the power supply. Do not abuse the wires - do not pull it out of the socket by pulling the wires. Keep wires away from high temperatures, oil and sharp things. Do not force electrical appliances - the log splitter is well designed to be able to work well, accompanied by a lower risk of injury.

Do not go beyond - keep the right angle and balance. Keep alert - do not operate the appliance when you are tired. Disconnect the device - disconnect the power of the device when not in use, before servicing and replacing the accessory. Indoor storage of free electrical appliances - when not in use, electrical appliances should be stored in the room dry, high or locked place, to avoid children contact with log splitter. Carefully maintain the appliance - keep the edges sharp and clean to get the best risk of log splitter performance degradation. Follow the instructions to lubricate and replace accessories. Check the extension cord and make regular replacement, if damaged, authorized service to repair. Keep the handle dry, clean, no grease.

Check Damaged Parts - Before using the appliance, carefully check the guards and other damaged parts to make sure that it will run correctly to perform its intended function. Check the alignment of moving parts, the combination of moving parts, the damage to parts, the installation and any conditions that may affect their operation. Guards or other parts of the damage should be properly repaired.