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The proper use of the blade of the wood shredder


The blade is a crushing tool for the main unit in a wood shredder. After a long period of operation, the wood shredder has a certain degree of wear and tear, and the user will replace the new blade. Visible blade for the importance of production. There are a lot of friends friends say, your blade quality is not good, how long will not it, this is not the case, the degree of wear and the hardness of your material, the length of time, the operation is appropriate The relationship, then, how can the blade be used for longer?
First, the use of wood crusher, feeding personnel to be careful, like nails, metal blocks and other materials must not enter the machine, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the blade, and even cause the card machine and so on;
Second, in the adjustment of the blade, be sure to be careful to avoid the blade hit a part of the machine inside, damage the blade sharpness;
Third, the replacement of the new blade, to ensure that the blade length consistent, consistent quality, to avoid the blade is too long or heavy and light, resulting in machine rotor imbalance, so that the machine will appear when the noise and vibration, After the blade is changed, be sure to check the screw on the blade to ensure that the screws have been tightened to avoid loosening of the screws in the future production;
Fourth, when buying a blade must buy high-quality wear-resistant blade, which is very important, only the quality of the blade is good to use longer. If you do the above, to ensure that your tree shredders do not have frequent for the blade, to achieve the purpose of longer use.log on to our website for more details :