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The relationship between the structure and yield of wood chips


       For every detail of the wood chip has its basis, today to tell you about the relationship between the structure and output of wood chip machine information, hoping to help you better understand the wood chip machine:
1, Woodchip This series of disc shaving machine adopts low-voltage or high-voltage motor, large woodchip has pulley drive and direct drive two; feed points in both horizontal and inclined, the material also has the material and the next out Two materials expected
2, Wood chip machine This series of wood chip machine has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance and high production capacity. When cutting logs, the wood chips are of high quality and the chip length can be freely adjusted within the specified range. Chipper.
3, Wood chip production, users can choose their own models.
4, Wood chip machine from the base, cutter, feed inlet, shell, electric control system and other components.