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Log splitter---The rotary mower is suitable for high-yield grassland


When the rotary mower cuts grass, it relies on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass. If the line speed of the blade is not enough, the effect of cutting the grass is not good. Therefore, when cutting grass, use a large throttle high speed. In addition, the mower's carburetor and automatic speed control device make it consume less fuel when the throttle is large, and its fuel consumption is not high. Only when it has a load, its speed will reach 2800r.p.m from the no-load 3400r.p.m. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a small throttle because it is necessary to save fuel, and the grass cutting effect is not good.

Its characteristics are strong adaptability to pasture, suitable for high-yield grassland, but the cutting is not neat, the heavy cutting is more, and the power required for unit cutting is larger. There are two types of drum type and rotary type:

1.Roller mower

The drive of the drum mower is located above the cutter and is therefore also referred to as the upper drive rotary mower. A drum mower is typically equipped with 1 to 4 vertical cylindrical or conical drums juxtaposed. Under each drum, there is a cutter head that articulates 2 to 6 blades, and the rotation trajectory of the blades on the adjacent cutterheads has a certain amount of overlap to avoid missing cuts. The drum is driven by a belt or a bevel gear, and the adjacent two drums are relatively rotated, and the cut grass is placed under the pair of rollers and laid back into a neat grass strip. Can meet low cutting requirements, but the structure is not compact enough.

2. Rotary mower

The Rotarymower's transmission is located below the cutterhead, but the cutterhead has a higher position due to the transmission below. To ensure low cut and reduce heavy cut, the cutter head is usually tilted forward by a certain angle. When the resistance is too large or the obstacle is encountered, the blade will swing back to ensure personal safety. There is also a special nylon rope with a cutterhead hinged to cut grass by centrifugal force. The configurations of the blades on adjacent cutters are interlaced with each other, and the trajectory of the blades has a certain amount of overlap. The cutter head is generally driven by a gear, and the steering of the adjacent cutterhead is reversed. Compact structure, smooth and reliable transmission.