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The safety operation of chip machine is introduced


     Wood machine in the work, usually according to the length of the wood and the inlet, the processing time is usually running in suitable length, if the wood is too long, we also need to be segmented and is not what we say as short as possible, if the log section will be short of wood due to both ends of the collision, collision number will damage the end. If regular, this will affect our finishing use efficiency, serious will not be used properly.
      Therefore, when processing, to ensure proper length, minimize the impact between the logs in the wood machine, we must ensure that the end times hit, high efficiency equipment for one chip machine, is the most important to improve the operation efficiency of wood machine, we must ensure that the wood dry humidity, also want to pay attention to seasonal problems will affect the wood peeling efficiency.
    We will generally reduce the slice depth, increase the number of cut marks to change the operating efficiency, there is a sharp tool, keep the balance of performance, adjust the feed speed, avoid blade between the lost balance, only to do these basic conditions, wood machine can improve the efficiency, the slightest mistake it will lead to peeling effect is not good, improper operation will cause damage to the equipment in long time.
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