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The twenty third Guangzhou International Footwear, Leather and Industrial Equipment Exposition in 2013


International reputation, has been by the national shoe industry attention with "twenty-second Guangzhou International Footwear, Leather and Industrial Equipment Exhibition" 2012 will be May 30 to June 1 for three days again in the "China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex "is once again held a grand. Exceeding twenty-one held out, the show with its size, the flow of people, the quality of exhibitors and visitors, exhibits a wide range of species, perfect organization, the exhibition has been hailed as the most influential in Asia and China, and the largest one level shoe industry trade fair is also the industry's first choice for an annual exhibition event.
According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2011 China's footwear exports 41.72 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 17.1%. Despite the unfavorable external environment factors in the context of China's foreign trade is still footwear achieved good results, hold onto the world's fastest growing export countries. 2011 1-7 months, Guangdong Province footwear exports more topped the list, the number of 168,320,300 pairs. Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Office has recently proposed a series of measures to stimulate foreign companies stationed in Guangdong import and export markets and to accelerate the development, build 2012 full-year export growth target of 7.5%. Faced with such a strong market potential, shoe enterprises at home and abroad will bring enormous business opportunities.
Into the 22th, exhibitors from around the world and the country pavilions have been encouraged to register to participate, to the current 95% of the booths have been sold. This year in addition to Chinese provinces, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand in different countries and regions Chamber of Commerce will once again exhibit, but also includes the first exhibition in Italy AVELLION Area Chamber of Commerce, and once again the Turkish national pavilions exhibiting witness China Chamber of Commerce for the major exhibitors shoe market attention.
"Twenty-second Guangzhou International Footwear, Leather and Industrial Equipment Exhibition" attracted more than 1,200 from 30 different countries and regions exhibiting companies (including: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Macau, New Zealand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam), exhibition area will exceed 60,000 square meters, is expected to more than 50,000 professional buyers will be on hand to visit and purchase. The show exhibits a wide range of coverage including shoe leather machinery, leather, shoes, chemicals, parts, accessories, etc.