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The Type Of Log Splitters


Depending on the types of projects you work on, you have several options when looking to purchase a log splitter. Log splitters are powerful tools that store conveniently and get your wood splitting projects done quickly. They are particularly useful for homeowners who need to cut firewood. Below are different options for wood splitters.

Electric log splitters

Electric firewood cutters are a popular option for many people because they allow you to use these models indoors due to the lack of harmful fumes which are not released. This is a primary advantage over gas splitters while still providing large amounts of splitting capacity in comparison to manual splitters. Another advantage to an electric splitter is that you can operate this machine on a standard 120 volt outlet which is grounded in order to prevent an overload of the electrical circuit. These type of log splitters are more affordably priced than gas powered log splitters and are also lighter and more portable then most gas powered models. One of the primary disadvantages to an electric model log splitter is that they need access to an electrical outlet to operate which is not always an option when working in the field.

Gas powered log splitters

Gas Powered firewood processors are the most expensive option; yet they are also the most powerful option providing up to 38 tons of splitting capacity making them the best option for consumers who have large and knotty logs to split. A gas powered log splitter also comes with the option of a trailer hitch on many models which makes them able to be moved from one location to the next using a standard trailer hitch. While gas powered ones are the most powerful option; but they are also the most expensive option. For this reason, if you are splitting small logs or using the splitter for home use; these models are typically more powerful then you will need.

Manual log splitter

These lightweight tools are easy to store and carry when traveling. They make for a great at-home wood splitter that is used for cutting firewood or for other home projects. They do require quite a bit of manpower, but are easier to use than an ax.

Manual splitters are either foot or hand operated.

Hydraulic Log Splitters

Powerful, fast, and big- hydraulic splitters are at the top of the food chain when it comes to cutting wood. They also have a larger surface area for cutting than the manual or electric type. Hydraulic wood splitters come in various sizes. If you are looking for convenience, you can purchase a smaller model to take with you.

Vertical or horizontal

A horizontal splitter works well if you are splitting hundreds of logs each year. If you have heavier logs that you are not able to lift on your own, vertical splitters can assist you best. Many models have the option to switch back and forth between vertical and horizontal.

You no longer need to do the backbreaking work of log splitting with an ax. Using a wood splitter will save you tons of time and pain, so you can get back inside and relax by the fire. And speaking of a fire - splitters make splitting firewood quite easy.

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