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Things to Know When Using a Log Splitter


On cold winter nights there is nothing more inviting than a wood burning fire. Many people opt for gas fireplaces to reduce the hassle of storing and Log Splitter, but with a hydraulic wood splitter the working time is significantly reduced and there is no strenuous effort. There are also economical and environmental reasons to prefer a wood burning fire. Burning wood is carbon neutral, reduces dependence on petroleum products is safe and efficient.

The log splitter has taken mauls’ place when it comes to cutting up a tree. It has made it a far easier process for people and save a great deal of torture on a person's back. Whether it is an electric, hydraulic, or a manual log splitter, it all offers the help with whatever wood you are cutting.

You can choose appropriate log splitter for your needs as it has many sizes to be selected. Make the choice that is appropriate for your needs. If you are only cutting wood for your own use then you will not require a professional sized log splitter. The option of either being gasoline or diesel powered is available in mobile log splitters, but there are some electric models available as well. It all depends on what your need is. If out in the bush it would be far better to have a portable type of log splitter. At home you may be able to use an electric type. The choice is entirely up to the person using it.

Prices vary with the size that you purchase as well. The type of motor is another thing that may be reflected in the price that is charged. You can purchase some very reasonably priced smaller model, but the professional ones can get extremely expensive. Look around at the options when you are making your decision and see what suits your needs the best.

You need to pay more attention to the safety at all times when running a log splitter. Remember to always read the manual for the equipment that you are using completely. Below you will find the top five safety tips that should be utilized when a log splitter is in operation.

1. Protect the Children

Children should never operate or even be near a log splitter when it is being operated. Children do not understand the respect that should be shown to electrical machines, and there is a great risk of injury should you let them near the machine when it is in use.

2. Wear Protective Items

You must wear protective items no matter when you are operating a wood splitter. There is always the risk of flying debris or for the logs to fall once they have been split. Because of this, safety glasses and steel toe boots should be worn at all times.

3. Read the Instructions

The majority of log splitter injuries are caused by the fact that the user failed to read the instructions before operating the machine. If a splitter is used in an incorrect way, it can cause injury or break.

4. Clear the Area

Using a wood cutting machine in a crowded or bunched up area is not recommended. There should be a clear perimeter of several feet around the entire machine. If other people or items are too close to the product, they risk getting harmed by falling debris or may even cause the machine to overheat.

5. Be Careful with Adjustments

If you need to make an adjustment to the wood splitter, it should only be done when the machine is turned completely off. Adjusting a product when it is still running could cause something to go wrong and someone could be hurt.