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Timber peeling machine installation instructions


    1, wood peeling machine installed before the first use of the site to be smooth, conditional can be hardened. To place the equipment smoothly, the installation direction should be based on the actual situation of the site and raw materials to determine.

    2, check the circuit, oil to confirm whether the safe connection, the Department of the chain, V-belt and transmission agencies of the tightness, in the future use of the process should always check.

    3, the blade of the blade for the alloy steel products, after a long period of time if the wear or change the angle, you can loosen the blade fastening screws, remove the blade for grinding and adjustment, excessive wear should be replaced when the new specifications Of the blade.

    4, access to power from the switch box or switchgear access 380V three-phase power supply, the first check whether the equipment around the debris and branches affect the operation and operation, power to determine the direction of rotation of the feed roller to run the equipment empty for 5 minutes Left and right, pay attention to listen and observe whether the equipment abnormal.

    5, the initial trial operation should be based on small, medium and large models were selected in the processing range within the length of 2-4 meters or more straight raw material test machine, try to avoid the use of special hardwood and large diameter and too Bending raw material test machine.

    6, when feeding the material to grasp the raw materials, the first part of the raw material to raise the tail of the front press roller into the feed roller, to be out of the material roller has been held at the end of wood and began to release the hands , Picking personnel to use both hands to hold the wood along with the direction of the material to move, especially when the wood is about to be stripped and all out of the discharge roller to grasp the balance.

    7, the use of the first time to check the host and the direction of the incoming and outgoing material system to check the hydraulic system control handle operation is flexible, whether the tank is synchronized, free, hand pump, electric hydraulic pump pressure is within the specified range, Whether the valve in the oil pipeline is opened or closed as required.

    8, the operation process to pay attention to equipment and personal safety, transport system operation in addition to the operation of the hydraulic system to adjust the movements outside the artificial wood on the table should not be adjusted to avoid injury or injury risk.

    9, should always check the wood peeling machine parts of the situation, if abnormal should be promptly handled or replaced.log on to our official website for more details :