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Tips for People to Use a Forest King Log Splitter Safely and Efficiently


You can hardly find some quick tips for operating your Forest King Log Splitter safely and efficiently. And while some say it just takes common sense, there are a few things we've come to learn along the way that will make your wood cutting safer and more enjoyable.

Different types of wood produce different reactions when splitting. Put your hands on both sides of the logs before putting them into the logarithmic dispenser. If you need to split the irregular shape of the wood, no matter where the angle, the log rotation, should be careful.

Using any equipment, you must be fully aware of and alert your surroundings. If you start to feel tired and find yourself starting to release the log splitter in your hand, or if your work becomes sloppy, please stop now.

When you are part of a team, it works fine. Do not allow multiple people to simultaneously operate a single log splitter. When you work with the team, pay special attention to the surrounding environment.

When using a log splitter, always wear safety glasses or goggles. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, but wear comfortable accessories, comfortable clothes and gloves during the shunt operation. The same argument, do not barefoot barefoot or wear sandals. Always wear anti-skid shoes.

Most carpenters say they will hold the splitter in one hand and the other hand from the wood that they are splitting in order to safely guide it to the wedge and remove the splash.

The Cnsuperpower wedge is at an angle of 45 degrees, unlike the other dispensers on the market. Because of this tiny angle, when you start and remove your hand, when the system is carried out without having to worry about wood up or side split, you can put your wood on it in one piece. A simple fact is that wood cutting machines can now remove their hands from the engaged plunger.

Our log splitter always put safety before speed. Two pieces of hands are free to activate the system to keep your hands out of wood. In addition, Cnsuperpower flywheels are not exposed to the user as they are on the other power dividers on the market.