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Tips on Log Splitting With a Safe Electric Log Splitter


The Safe China Log Splitter - cnsuperpower is a device used to reduce a large trunk to a smaller size. Basically the hydraulic press, according to the user may be using the model, the logarithmic shunt motor can be powered by electricity or gas. The log divider is designed to make the task of splitting wood easier. Compared with the ax, the log divider is more efficient and saves a lot of time and effort. However, like all the good things have shortcomings, the log splitter if used incorrectly may cause danger or even fatal. Therefore, you must be careful when using this equipment.

To effectively use your log splitter to reduce the log is a scientific process. If you can use it correctly, it will help you to work with minimal effort. It is important to measure and mark the exact location you want to cut after logging the log. Because chalk marks are easy to fade, it is advisable to use logs to mark logs.

If you cut the logs on the ground, the cutting blades will touch the ground every time. Which in the long run will make the leaves blunt in a short time. To prevent this, use the log jack to raise the ground. So that the blade will not touch the ground, thus keeping a longer time.

The green log is more difficult to cut. Therefore, before cutting the log, make sure the log has been adjusted for some time. Seasoned logs have a lower moisture content and are easier to cut than green logs. Not only that, the treated logs are lighter, easier to burn, and produce less smoke.

The electric log separator is a very dangerous instrument that, if used with care, to a certain extent, the user may even be fatal to end the wound.

When using the instrument, it is essential to protect the fine parts of the body, such as the eyes and the head. High-speed leaves mean sawdust. Therefore, you must wear goggles. Also be careful about the type of shoes you wear. Do not wear open-toed shoes, sandals or slippers, try to wear heavy work boots.

Periodically check the nuts and bolts, they can guarantee the blade in place and run. Perform regular technical checks to ensure that the fitting is fastened and in place.

Like any other sharp machine, the electrical log separator is not without its danger. But as long as the use of properly, the device can reduce the cutting of logs into a small part of the workload spent. Just follow the steps I recommend and keep the device away from children.