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Training to Use a Safe China Log Splitter


Before you use a Safe China Log Splitter - Cnsuperpower, you must know some tips of announcements.

First, only the user can prevent and is responsible for accidents or injuries occurring to themselves, other people or property. Read the operator’s manual completely before attempting to use this log splitter. Do not allow anyone to operate your log splitter who has not read the operator’s manual or has not been instructed on the safe use of the splitter.

Never allow children or untrained adults to operate this machine. Many accidents occru when more than one person operates the log splitter. If a helper is assisting in loading logs to be split, never actuate controls until the helper is clear of the area. Never allow anyone to ride on the machine. Never transport cargo on the log splitter.

High fluid pressures are developed in hydraulic log splitters. Pressurize hydraulic fluid escaping through a pin hole opening can puncture skin and cause severe blood poisoning. Therefore, the following instructions ahould be heeded at all times. Do not operate the unit with frayed, kinked, cracked or damaged hoses, fittings, or tubing. Stop the engine and relieve hydraulic system pressure before changing or adjusting fittings, hoses, tubing, or other system components. Do not adjust the pressure settings of the pump or valve. Do not check for leaks with your hand. Leaks can be located by passing cardboard or wood over the suspected area. Look for discoloration. If injured by escaping fluid, see a doctor at once. Serious infection or reaction can develop if proper medical treatment is not administered immediately.