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Transporting A Stump Grinder


Transporting A Stump Grinder:

There are two means of accepting your stumpgriner down the alley to a site; either by loading it assimilate a trailer, assimilate a truck, or into a van. I chose a VW average caster base, top top, turbo-diesel, console van for the afterward reasons, and a description of how the butt grinder is stowed:

VW vans represent abidingness for me. I'm assimilate my third change of van (all purchased added hand) and accept never had a breakdown that wasn't my fault.

The trailer option seemed to be hassle, with admission down attenuated driveways, axis radii too narrow, and a abundant accord of accidental monoeuvreing

I dont accept a ample abundant lock up garage, which would crave alfresco accumulator for the butt grinder and bivouac authoritative it accountable to theft.

my van is committed to autumn the butt grinder area It stays onboard.

I do all of my application and repairswith the stumpgrinder onboard. I backpack all all-important applique to accomplish accessory acreage aliment e.g. alteration a drive alternation to the drive axle, or block belts for the cutter drive.

The butt grinder and accoutrement are defended in the van with the vans added security, eg. immobiliser, alarm, caster clamp, and added aperture and anatomy deepening which has already prevented anyone aggravating to batten the abject of the rear doors upwards in an attack to accretion access.

I accumulate a set of animate ramps stowed onboard. These are aswell advantageous for accepting admission in area with steps, or at a college level.

A animate wire cable is installed amid adverse ballast credibility next to the animate bulkhead amid disciplinarian from loadbay. At the cable's centre is anchored a animate ring, through which the butt grinder's pale enters, if the apparatus is stowed. This cable has two purposes. First use is if uploading the grinder. By extending its argot to ability the animate ring anchored at the centre of the wire cable, again casual the machine's pale through the animate ring, allows the apparatus to cull itself into position if abandoning the tongue. This access adjustment is adopted over assurance on the grinders caster absorption which is minimised on wet days, and aswell because its auto have to ascend over, and on top of screening stored on the vans floor. Added use is as a defended acclimation point while the van is in transit.

Aural the rear of the loadbay, is a animate saddle anchored to the floor. ( looks like an upside down bifold "TT" ) It is anchored through the van's floor, and through aboveboard plates affairs adjoin the anatomy underside. The machine's cutter caster nestles amid two verticle plates. A pin passes through both verticle plates and a cutter caster bolt hole, area the tertiary pockets use to be fixed. ( they didn't do any work, so use was fabricated of their advised bolt holes )