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Two technical problems of wood chip machine production


   Chipper equipment in the use of the process often encounter some production problems, mainly in the following two technical difficulties.
   Difficult one:
   A large number of forced feed, horizontal feed and heavy wood (thickness greater than 12cm) are the main cause of the feed roller stuck. Reasonable control of feed, no more than 12cm thick material and large bundles of raw materials directly into the wood chipper. To ensure that the raw material along the length of the feed, to prevent the horizontal feed, if the raw material card in the feeding mechanism of the second pair of rollers on the roller and the sparse between, can only use the stick down poke, So as not to fall into the machine caused serious accidents.
Difficulty two:
   Wood cutting machine fan pressure to reduce the pump head speed, wood cutting machine power supply voltage is low or motor failure, pipe network resistance increases, reducing pipe network resistance; working state changes, adjust the working state; motor reverse, motor rewiring The
Wood chipper vibration increased: bearing damage --- replace the bearing, fan impeller imbalance --- clear the impeller in the foreign body or static balance, spindle deformation --- replace the spindle or pump head, working state into the end of the earthquake - - adjust the working state, to avoid the end of the earthquake area, into the air inlet into the filter plug --- cleaning filter.
Wood chipper fan flow reduction: import and export gas filter plug --- cleaning filter, pump head speed reduction --- low power supply voltage or motor failure, pipe network resistance increase --- reduce pipe network resistance, working status Increase --- adjust the working state, wood cutting machine motor reverse reverse - motor rewiring.