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Using a Log Splitter Safely


When it comes to heating a house, wood is still the most economical way chosen by people all over the world. Many people buy it pre cut, but there are others that do it all themselves. Some even make a decent living by selling wood to others. A log splitter is a bonus to them.

They need some special equipment in order to do this quickly and efficiently. A log splitter is a huge asset to those that do this type of work. It can save a lot of back breaking labor to those that do this type of work.

The Log Splitter has helped many people over the years by removing the need to use a maul as they did in the past. It took away the amount of heavy labour that people would have to use in order to split the logs that they had taken down. There are a variety of different kinds of log splitters that are available to be bought by people. Now a person can choose from a manual. hydraulic, or even an electric log splitter to assist them with their wood cutting needs.

They also come in quite a large range of sizes to choose from. There are smaller ones available for those that are using them at home. Professional models are a lot larger than the ones used by people for personal use. They are either gasoline or diesel powered which makes it handy for those that need them in isolated areas. Usually they are wheeled out into the isolated area and the logs are split right where they are. After split they are then loaded into trucks for transporting to the destination they are intended.

The prices range for log splitters and depend on many things. They can start at a very reasonable price but can get very expensive for the professional models that are available. The size, type of motor, and other things of this nature are all things that are taken into consideration when a company prices them. No matter what type of job you need a log splitter for there is one available that will help you conquer even the most stubborn tree.

Wear appropriate clothing when operating a wood splitter. Avoid wearing loose-fitting outfits or jewelry that may become entangled in the machine. Safety glasses or goggles are the best way to protect your eyesight. The lenses in regular eye glasses may not be impact resistant. Choose sturdy footwear. Never operate a wood splitter while barefoot or while wearing open toed sandals. Steel toed work boots will offer the best protection from foot injury.

Make sure the work area is clutter free and properly lighted. Remove any object that could interfere with your access to the machine. Be sure that the work surface is clear of excess water or any chemical that could cause the operator to accidentally slip and fall. It is important to have a good light source when operating a log splitter. Use additional lighting if you cannot easily see the entire work area.

If an extension cord is needed to connect the wood splitter to a power source follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the correct type of cord. Also, place the extension cord in a position that will not interfere with your access to the device or be in danger of being caught in the moving parts.

Do not use a wood splitter if you have been using alcohol, drugs or any medication that impairs your ability to safely operate power equipment.

These are just a few tips that can help the job you are doing with log splitters run smoothly. It would be horrible to have to be rushed to the hospital because of a careless mistake. Used properly they can be a huge benefit and make the task at hand go far more quickly.