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What are the Advantages of Tractor Log Splitter


Buying a tractor log splitter online or locally is really simple. You can move your splitter with you anywhere your tractor can go. Just cut your logs down to a size, so they can be moved around easier. This product will help save you a lot of time. Make sure to follow the directions when storing or maintaining your log splitter.

Buying your tractor log splitter can be done online or at a local tractor supply store. When purchasing one online, you might want to narrow your search results to a company that offers free shipping or very low cost shipping. The reason for this is if you have to drive to go get it you might save money on the fuel bill verses the shipping cost.

Any dealer or private seller over say 100 miles away might not be worth the drive. If this is the case, you can find many shipping options for this item. Some methods will deliver it right to your door. Just do a little math and see what your cheapest option is when it comes to the shipping of this item.

One of the best things about having your log splitter on a tractor is you can move it anywhere your tractor can navigate. This is a really good advantage when having to travel any distance over soft ground or mud. Your splitter runs off of your tractor, giving it all the power it will need. If you are cutting down trees on the other side of your field, you can just drive over to the location and start splitting logs without the hassle of towing a pull behind because the log splitter hooks up to your 3-PT hitch.

A good way to get prepared for log splitting is to cut your logs into smaller pieces. This will help you to move the logs with ease. Always remember not to over exert yourself when doing this, because the machine is made to make your job easy.

Once you have done this, you can start the splitting. You are also able to make precise small log splits with the machine. It is really easy to use because there is usually just one lever to control the motion of the machine, and that is forward and backwards.

This product will easily save you a lot of time and energy. People who have used 3-PT tractor log splitters before know that the amount of logs you will go through in an hour will be amazing. It takes very little practice to get used to this device. You will be happy that you do not have to swing an axe all day. Having one will definitely save you energy and muscle aches while increase your productivity.

You should store your new investment in a barn or put a tarp over it to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Your tractor log splitter has very little maintenance needed to keep it up to manufacturers specifications. You should always use caution whenever using any machine, this will help prevent injuries. A few safety items should be worn with this device. One of these items would be safety glasses and another is a good strong pair of gloves in order to avoid splinters.