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What are the differences between wood chipper and shredders?


The wood chipper does not crush hammers, and the crusher is one of cutting and grinding; they are similar in appearance, and many users are not yet able to distinguish them clearly.
Wood crusher adopts blade cutting and high speed air impact, collision and double grinding function, and can finish micro material separation and processing step at the same time. This is a key process of processing wood pellets, after crushing, according to customer requirements for the size of the finished product screening, screening is on the screen when the adjustment, some customers Advisory said: "now some timber mill manufacturers are no screen for timber mill", that we do not refute its existence. Some customers come to our factory inspection equipment, are also not the timber mill configuration screen, it can according to customer requirements. But also to the situation, wood mill screen mesh is configured. Machine (wood chipper) can be used to supply power, culture medium of edible fungus, but some industry is not less this screen, for example, letinous edodes used to grow, some to the processing of charcoal and so on, in fact, mainly to see the factory production quality and design principle, the screen is only a accessories. These are not essential; you may be finished according to the processing of wood.
Large wood chipper no great demands for the quality of the materials, basically all wood cutting can be performed, but has certain restrictions on the size of raw materials, raw materials for the general diameter of about 400cm logs can be fed continuously. Large wood chipper combines the characteristics of large wood to change the feed way of raw materials, change from oblique feed into flat feed, and equipped with feed conveyor at the same time, improve the flexibility of production.log on to our official website for more details :