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What are the problems with the use of lawn machine?


   Lawn trimmers are one of the most commonly used garden machinery in landscaping, and are also used in lawn management.
   Lawn trimmers are one of the most commonly used garden machinery in landscaping, and are also used in lawn management. Therefore, how to properly use the lawn trimmer is very important.    The following describes the use of a few issues should be noted for the operation of the user reference.

   1. Check the fuel tank lawn trimmer is generally used in four kinds of engine, therefore, must use pure gasoline, can not use oil and gasoline mixed oil. Refueling should be avoided in the tank into the dirt, dust and water.
   ① gasoline is flammable and explosive materials. When refueling must be in the engine to stop, well ventilated position.
   ② Do not smoke in the lawn mower or fuel storage, do not operate in the area where the spark is easy.
   ③ When refueling, be careful not to sprinkle the oil on the outside. Gasoline volatile gas or spilled gasoline easy to fire. Before starting the engine, be sure to let the overflow of gasoline evaporate finished.
   ④ Do not let the fuel tank in the fuel overflow, after adding oil, must be tightened to the oil cap.
   ⑤ to refuel the engine cooler.
   ⑥ refuel to the bottom of the fuel position indicator in the neck of the tank.
   ⑦ can only use unleaded petrol If the lawn machine compression ratio of 7 to 8, recommend the use of No. 90 unleaded petrol; if the compression ratio of 8 to 8.5; recommended 93 unleaded petrol; if the compression ratio of 8.5 or more, recommended 97 Unleaded petrol.
   2. Check the engine oil inspection, the lawn trimmer placed in a horizontal position, the engine stalled state, until the oil surface static and then extract the oil dipstick, first with a clean cloth to wipe the oil, and then insert the oil pan check oil dipstick The position of the oil. There are two tick marks on the dipstick. If the oil position is below the lower scale, add it to the upper scale. If the oil is too low can not use the lawn trimmer, or cause the engine failure. But do not exceed the scale, too much oil, will cause power down and smoke is worth noting that: If the oil dipstick with tightening thread, check the oil position as long as the insert and not screw into the dipstick.
Oil grade SE or SF20W / 40 or higher four-stroke gasoline engine oil.
   3. Check the air cleaner to open the air cleaner cover and the air cleaner assembly. Check the contamination of the external foam filter and the internal paper filter. If necessary, be sure to clean.