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What can the shredded branches do


   The branches can be crushed with a sawdust mill and crushed to get sawdust. Sawdust can be sold as a finished product for profit, but the sawdust is divided according to its raw materials. The price of the acquisition is not the same, such as the more precious wood, broken sawdust prices are relatively high. The same kind of wood, after the break according to the impurities contained in the different, the price is not the same. The following inventory, with a branch shredder (sawdust mill) after crushing the seven uses.
1, the sawdust with a wood pellet granulator for granulation, can get sawdust particles, sawdust particles as a new alternative to coal can be a burning material.
2, the sawdust for rod machine to do high temperature and high pressure processing, you can get the mechanical carbon semi-finished raw materials.
3, sawdust can be used as roses, gardenia, pomegranate and other flowers and laying the rooting of the substrate..
4,sawdust can be used as a medium for cultivation of flowers, due to sawdust breathable models, clean and sanitary features, is a good medium.
5, sawdust after fermentation mixed with people or livestock fecal urine has become a very good organic fertilizer.
6, sawdust can be used as a medium for planting edible fungi, used to cultivate mushrooms and so on.
7, with the wood shredder after the sawdust can also be used as the production of particleboard, MDF, plywood and other raw materials.