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What influences the productivity of wood crushers?


Wood crusher use process, must ensure that some of its parts, such as motor work normally, pipe must be sealed, to avoid the impact of dust power, we should also pay attention to the air pressure, the only way to ensure that the vacuum wood crusher more power operation.
The working speed of wood crusher has a great influence on the productivity and power consumption of wood crusher. Experiments have proved that when the working speed is too low, the impact can be reduced, and the wind power of the suction powder is small, so the production rate is low, and the power consumption is added. When the speed is high, the crushing ability and the powder discharging can be increased, and the production rate is improved. But if the speed is too high, because the increase of the air blast effect of the rotor, the crushing chamber vortex strengthened, lead to idle power consuming to add, but also the material discharge speed is too high, the opportunity to cut the sieve, crushing power is relatively decreased; in addition, if the blade speed is too high, bearing power conflicts and stirring the air consumption will increase. The unit energy consumption goods increased significantly. As a result, each type of crusher has an appropriate speed scale. After all, the appropriate blade speed should be selected according to the requirements of the instruction manual so as to give full play to the power of the crusher. Automatic wood crusher based on mesh commodity demand satisfaction, should try to use a larger screen sieve pore diameter
The diameter of the sieve hole has obvious influence on the degree of power consumption and the output value of the crusher, and also directly affects the crushing rate of the crushed material (the uniform diameter of the material particles). Material fragmentation M= (0.25~0.33) d. The larger the diameter of the screen, the higher the output value of the electrical energy, but the thicker the crushed material. Generally speaking, in the crushing of fine materials, the sieve diameter from d=2mm onwards, each increase of 1mm, the yield can be increased by 20%~35%. On the contrary, the smaller the diameter of the screen, the smaller the material crushing, but the machine's production rate and degree of electricity output value has also declined significantly. Therefore, in the premise of satisfying the demand of livestock and poultry breeding, we should try to choose the larger diameter of the sieve.