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What kind of environmental protection wood crusher is considered a good machine?


    A good environmental wood shredder equipment needs to have a lot of conditions. Customers only clear environmental wood crusher with the conditions, both in the purchase process or the use of the process, can bring huge profits. Then a good environmental wood crusher must be polypropylene What hardware conditions? Good green wood shredders not only use the raw material is good, the internal structure of environmentally friendly wood shredders and some other details are very standard, for example What is the paint outside of the paper, there is the angle inside the cutter design how to make the most reasonable, the production efficiency is the highest, etc., these must be a good wood shredder must have.
   Environmental protection of wood crusher serrated size of the industry standard. The size of the sawtooth is reasonably related to the production quality of the equipment. In the same cutting condition, the cutting amount of each tooth is small and the tooth pitch is determined. The pitch is small and the wood shredder is serrated and the surface is smooth. But the pitch becomes smaller, the corresponding reduction, chip removal difficulties, increased friction heat, wood shredders easy to blunt. Small pitch is usually used for cutting speed, the number of teeth, the tooth chamber capacity feeding speed is small, saw the height of small, dial teeth of the thin, narrow blade.
Environmentally friendly wood crusher The environmentally friendly crushed wood is the line, but the environmentally friendly wood shredder needs a series of preparations before using it. Only prepared to do the work of environmentally friendly wood grinder to use it in order to be more handy. What should be done before the use of environmentally friendly wood grinders? First, the wood shredders should pay attention to before use: drive the first water before the turn off the observation gate. Driving the first time you should try to run one or two times, and then start the empty running 3min. After running for 3 min, start the feed system feed. Stop, should first stop into the sun, and then stop, and finally stop the material system, close the machine water cooling system. Feed size must be controlled at no more than 1Mmm. Every time before driving the belt should be checked loose, tight situation, whether the loose material cone, should be adjusted when inappropriate. Absolutely not allow iron pieces into the environmental wood crusher to prevent damage to the rotor. Each time before the boot should be on the spindle device, the next two bearings filled with appropriate fat.