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What kind of work do you need to do after digging?


Besides the normal operation and digging work, the digging machine also needs some routine maintenance work to ensure the normal condition of the equipment. Then, after the digging operation, what should be done for the digging machine equipment to ensure the performance of the digging machine equipment and the normal working state after that?
Hole digger
Pit machine after the end of the operation should pay attention to a few points:
1.  remove the dirt from the digging machine and the dirt on the knife shaft.
2.  see the smooth condition of the gear box and replace the smooth oil in time.
3.  check whether the cohesion of the site is loose, if loose, to be reinforced.
4.  after the use of equipment to be cleaned, placed in a dry and ventilated environment.
5.  the blade does not use the situation, in order to avoid rust needs cleaning, later painted with waste oil.
6.  the universal joint should be removed when not in use. It is dry in the room, and it needs to be buttered easily.
In the attention of digging machine efficient completion of work at the same time, usually also need to pay attention to pit machine maintenance, so as to make the digging machine use smoothly, work longer. With the acceleration of industrial development in China, industrial and living electricity consumption has risen sharply. It has become an inevitable trend to speed up the transformation of rural power grids, and a great deal of manpower and material resources are needed along with a great deal of digging and wiring work. Welcome to buy our equipment, we serve customers with high quality service.