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What Type of Lawn Sweeper is Best For You?


Fall leaves can cause havoc on a well maintained lawn, creating a dense mat that suffocated grass below it. Leaves can now be collected faster and with less effort than the traditional method of raking, by using a lawn sweeper.

There are four main types of lawn sweeper, these are hand powered, powered (by either gas or electricity), powered with a built in shredder, or towed. The type of leaf collector you choose will be determined by your own individual requirements.

If you have a large garden you may opt for the powered type of lawn sweeper if you have an extremely large garden and you already have a sit on mower or a similar sort of utility vehicle you would definitely be better off looking at a towed lawn sweeper. Your own physical ability will also determine what type of leaf sweeper is best suited to you.

Hand Powered

Hand powered lawn sweepers are very cheap to run and depending on how active you are provide a great way to get some exercise in to your day. Although they do not provide as much exercise as raking the lawn would, a little is better than none. An advantage that the leaf sweeper had over a rake is that it collects the leaves in an easy to empty bag. The hand powered leaf collectors can be adjusted in height which allows them to be used on different surfaces.


If you have an enormous garden or disability then a powered leaf collector may be your only option. These are a very efficient use of time and swiftly collect up leaves and other lawn debris. Similarly to the hand powered variety, the heights of the rollers can be adjusted so they can be used on a variety of surfaces. One disadvantage of powered lawn sweepers - and this may not bother you - is that they are very noisy when compared to the hand powered variety.

Powered with Shredder

A powered leaf collector with a shredder has one advantage and one disadvantage over the powered discussed above. I does have shredder which means you can use you leaves to make mulch with. It will be height adjustable but due to the shredder will not be suitable for use on different surfaces.


If you have a larger lawn and own, or consider owning a lawn tractor or ATV, you should consider a tow lawn sweeper. These are hitched to the back of your mower or ATV and pulled behind. They can often be offset from your Mower so you can 'cut and collect' in one swoop. Tow type sweepers are more expensive than push types, and are constructed of more effective materials (metal rather than plastic) and require some assembly. Tow types require more storage space, although, this shouldn't be an issue if you already store an ATV or lawn tractor.