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What You Should Consider When Choosing a Black Diamond Log Splitter


When buying a Black Diamond Log Splitter, the biggest problem is how much log segmentation you need. Is a small portable 5 tons enough? Or 34 tons? How about these new flywheel log splitter? What are the main factors that affect how much power you need? Let's talk about the most important:

The most important factor in choosing your log splitter capability is wood density. Hardwood is harder to split than cork and requires stronger machines. And strong trees also need more power. So start a good idea that you will split the type of wood. If you usually order thick hardwood, such as pecans, elm, oak, maple, etc., please see more powerful hydraulic or flywheel separators. For example, all Cnsuperpower flywheel log splitter are strong enough to penetrate hardwood, but for those who have special hardwood, we recommend using a larger model.

Another important factor is your wood moisture content. If you usually have to dry the wood has been decomposed, you need less power. But if you like to separate fresh, green, and non-experienced wood, you need more power. For example, consider elm in the above chart. If it is freshly cut elm, we recommend using a more powerful Cnsuperpower chopper model.

Many log splitter will tell you that higher tonnage or more powerful flywheel log splitter will be able to withstand larger diameters of logs. In choosing the log divider, we never found this to be a related factor. After all, if you can split the log once, you can split it many times. While larger splitter of logs may require multiple divisions, but not necessarily more power. We have tested the Cnsuperpower log splitter on a log up to 30 ", and the performance has not been significantly reduced.

The more relevant indicator is the length of the log. Some log splitter are designed with longer beam splits that can accommodate longer logs. This is an important specification to consider when you shop, but it is usually not related to log splitter.