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When using wood crusher, the structure and performance of the machine can not be changed at will


Wood grinder in use when we want to observe the operation specification, there are many users in the use of the machine will appear a variety of problems, in addition to improper problems and the use of the machine itself, the structure and properties of there is part of the user can arbitrarily change the machine. In fact, this is a very serious problem, users can not arbitrarily change. Users should read the instructions carefully before using them and follow the relevant operating specifications. Improper use of the machine will cause damage to the machine and the user, so we must pay attention to the use of.
Each of each type of wood crusher has rated speed, users do not arbitrarily improve the speed of operation, strictly prohibit speeding, and strictly prohibit the change of the structure and performance of the machine. Some customers purchase timber mill at first is enough, but the power of late more demand, not willing to buy a new machine, but after the transformation of man, trying to get more power, because the machine itself, all parts are in accordance with the initial attempt to come for sure, without fixed power increases speed behavior does not bring much improvement to the machine, but sometimes gain, but will make the machine effect of landing, this kind of thing should be avoided, and the resulting loss and the accident should bear the user.
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