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Which is More Suitable- Horizontal Vs. Vertical Horizontal Log Splitter


Most log splitters are horizontal. You place your log at the top of the separator, and the plunger pushes it onto the fixed wedge to separate it. However, if you split any of the giant logs, it will be difficult for you to upgrade it to the log divider. For those bad logs, there are vertical horizontal log splitters. The vertical horizontal log splitter can be pivoted to the vertical position, allowing you to scroll the Forest King Log Splitter and position it in place without lifting it.

If you just split the smaller log, then a horizontal divider can meet your needs. Horizontal log splitter If you can place your log on a shopping cart or rear baffle, you can place each clip on the splitter without bending. Once you split, you can fold the pieces onto the shopping cart.

For convenience, you can choose a double-acting log divider that allows you to split in both directions. This will allow you to wait for the ram to return to its starting position without interruption.

The downside of the horizontal model is that you can not roll a lot of wood onto it. However, you can choose a horizontal log splitter with a hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lift does not need to change the direction of the wood separator, thus deforming your back.

The biggest advantage of using a log splitter in a vertical position is that you can split a large number of logs without splitting it on the splitter.

If most of the splits are too large to lift, the vertical horizontal log splitter is what you need. Split wedge is built on the plunger itself, the base is flat, so you can scroll your login without lifting.

With a vertical / horizontal wood splitter, you can lower the splitter end to the ground and roll it in large quantities. When you complete a larger split, you can raise the splitter back to the horizontal position to divide the block into smaller parts.

You can drag it around your property and divide the smaller logs into firewood, and when you encounter too much and can not lift the log, you can pivot it to the vertical position to prevent hernia. So, depending on whether you split the main smaller log, mainly the larger log, or the mix of each log, you will know which style divider is best for your needs.