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Are you a woodworker, a lumberjack or a construction firm owner who regularly needs freshly-cut logs for personal or business use? Do you frequently need to cut logs for your fireplace at home? Are you tired of the tedious work of chopping wood with a heavy axe? If you answered yes to all these questions, you might want to consider investing in a good log splitter. A splitter can make chopping wood faster and easier, lessening the burden compared to cutting them with an axe.

I think you can choose Cnsuperpower. Cnsuperpower is a log splitter manufacturer committed to providing our customers, quality products at a competitive price. Superpower primary objective is to provide our customers with products that meet and exceed their expectations of quality, service and value. Suerpower offers innovation, flexibility and speed to market. Our mission is to be a leader in products for home improvements, big boxes, farm ranch and automotive buy providing quality products and outstanding service at an exception value. We are committed to developing and supporting our customers.

We have Different types of various types of log splitter.

Gas log splitter-full beam. Average assembly time is under 35 minutes and accommodates splitting in both horizontal and vertical position. Using Square log cradle for quicker, easier and safer splitting. It also has powerful trouble free Kohler Engine and is available with Kohler Engine, LCT Engine and Rato Engine.

Gas log splitter-half beam work at horizontal position only. Gas log splitter-dual action, due to its powerful, compact design can split the log in two directions, the total cycle time is less than 16 seconds, each cycle provides twice the division.

We also have 3PT log splitter, electric log splitter and manual log splitter. They have their own advantages, to meet your different needs for the product. If you have any help, please visit: