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Why China Log Splitter Become Popular


Wood is a significant natural resource, one of the renewable resources. It is usually used for our daily life, wooden houses and furniture. The anatomical structure of wood will affect the strength properties, appearance, water resistance and chemical permeability, corrosion resistance, pulp quality and wood chemical reactivity. Many of the mechanical properties of wood, such as bending and crushing strength and hardness, depend on the density of the wood; the dense trees are usually more robust. Wood is a complex polymer composed of lignin and carbohydrates, which form a lignocellulosic structure of wood. There are also a small amount of other organic chemicals and minerals that are independent of the wood structure. Organic chemicals are diverse and can be removed from wood with various solvents. The heating of solid fuels is the most popular and required type of heating. With the increase in the cost of electricity and gas, the traditional type of fuel has also begun to be noticed. One of the main problems with wood heating is the first step of wood cutting.

A very useful wood cutting tool is a China log splitter. Splitting the log is a very daunting job, whether you are using axes and wedges. The tapered shape can achieve very high efficiency due to its shape and weight. This contribution focuses on how to apply the split cone in logarithmic division. The cone has a tapered conical shape extending from the tip of the tip to the bottom of the enlarged diameter.

The logs to be split are located adjacent to the tip of the cone. When the cone is rotated, its thread draws the logs to the diametrically enlarged diameter portion of the cone, causing the logs to split. The cone provides an improved splitting action and is relatively easy to construct.

In addition, it prevents the log from stuck on the base part. The disadvantage is that it may endanger the safety of the operator because there is a risk of being stuck in the rotating cone for loose clothing, or if the cone is stuck in the log. While a good log divider can save the operator's working hours, it can not be 100% safe. Many occupational diseases and injuries occur in forestry and wood processing, so work safety is very important. A safety zone should be provided around the separator to prevent splashing of wood fragments from injury.