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Why You Need An Electric Log Splitter


An electric Forest King Log Splitter is a heavy-duty machine that can drastically reduce your time and effort chopping large volumes of logs. It uses an electric-power motorized mechanism to slide your log over the wedge, making the operation hands-free, with better results. It is a perfect addition to woodworking shops and is useful around the house as well. It can cut a larger volume of even heavy logs compared to using an axe or a manual splitter variant, which saves you time and effort.


Electric log splitters are usually favoured for domestic purposes, largely because of their size and cost effectiveness. They're often smaller than alternative models and, to some extent, are portable - but bear in mind that they still weigh over 100lbs, so try not to move them too often!

Electricity itself is usually cheaper than other fuel types, so as long as you've got a power supply near to where you need the splitter, you're in business. The price of an electric log splitter is also extremely competitive when you compare it to a gas or diesel powered machine, so you're saving money upfront as well as in the long run.

It is considered that electric log splitters are much better for the environment than those powered by gas or diesel, simply down to the fuel type. The eco-conscious will therefore surely favour this type as well.

Even though they're powered by a small electric engine that can run from any suitable wall socket, an electric wood splitter is still extremely powerful. It can exert up to 4 to 12 tons of pressure on anything put in it, so just keep in mind the fact that it's still a dangerous piece of machinery!

Another advantage of electric wood splitters is the consistency. Because they've got a constant power supply, they never have to be refuelled. As such, production is continuous and far more efficient than if you used gas or diesel splitters, which often slow down and have to be refuelled on a regular basis. This can be particularly advantageous if you only won't to use the splitter briefly, and don't want to have to worry about wasting time refuelling - with an electric splitter, you don't have to.

Electric wood splitters are perfect for domestic use, and are especially suitable for softer woods and light daily use. Because of their size they can even fit indoors next to the fireplace! Gas or diesel powered models are only suitable for outdoor use, so you only really need to consider this option if you need to split wood for more than 8 hours a day or on a far more regular and high-yielding basis. For the general user, the electric wood splitter is more than adequate.

Safety first!

Do not use alcohol, drugs or any medication when using an electric wood splitter.

Do not allow any person that is untrained or unfamiliar with the safe operation your specific type of electric log splitter to operate the machine. Never let children operate the device, even under adult supervision.

Closely examine each log before placing it on the wood splitter. The ends of the logs should be cut square. All branches need to cut flush with the surface of the trunk. Check for any foreign objects such as nails. Remove them before attempting to split the log.

Be alert for any connections, screw, bolts, etc. that could become loose during the wood splitting process. Do what the manufacturers instructions for routine maintenance tell you to do.

Proper preparation and safe operation of the electric log splitter will combine to make your wood splitting experience a pleasant one.

Consider an electric log splitter as a welcome addition to your workshop. An electric log splitter will definitely improve the efficiency of your woodworking jobs and provide you a less tiresome experience in working with your logs.