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Why You Really Need a Wood Splitter and Log Splitter


A wood splitter, as its name implies, is used for splitting wood or Log Splitter. The split wood can be used in a variety of ways within the lumber and construction trade. This tool is also helpful for do-it-yourselfers who need split wood to complete home improvement projects or prepare logs for a fireplace.

There are several types of wood splitters available to select from, including electric, vertical, and horizontal. An electric wood splitter is more efficient than other types because it splits logs without the need for an axe.

Let me just say that splitting logs with a splitting maul or splitting wedge is somewhat crazy if you do it on a regular basis. It’s laborious work that takes it’s toll on your body and over time you will feel the pain in your shoulders and back. If you heat your home with firewood it’s time to leave your old ways behind and rethink how you work.

Some people enjoy using an axe, and I can understand that if it’s for low volume tasks, but for high volume production of firewood it seems silly to use an axe, but that’s my personal opinion. I happen to like tools because they makes labor-intensive jobs easy and enjoyable; not to mention a massive time saver.

A good wood splitter is measured by how fast it can complete a job with little energy from the user. The sharp blades ensure an effective and reliable split, but they can cause harm to the user if proper care is not taken when using the machine. Proper protective gear, such a goggles, long pants, gloves, and a long sleeved shirt, are appropriate when working this tool. It is also best to tie back long hair and avoid loose clothing, while wearing a safety helmet and steel-tipped boots.

A wood splitter can be a costly investment, and it may not be worth the expense for the average homeowner. One can often be rented from an equipment rental company for occasional jobs, however. For those working with wood on a regular basis, however, owning one is often a worthwhile investment.