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Wood chip blade blunt how to deal with


Wood chips in the long process of cutting wood, due to the lack of maintenance for the wood chip machine, making it in the process of using the constant failure problems, especially blade dull, once blunt, it will reduce the efficiency of work, then How should we deal with it? Next, a brief introduction.
1, The blade is not worn dull
Blades also become dull if the blade is not lubricated well or when much dirt adheres to the blade as a result of comminution of sticky objects. If we encounter this situation, then clear the blade of the dirt, and then to the chip blade lubrication can be.
2, Blunt blade slight wear and tear
If the blade wear is minor wear, then blunt the blade removed, and then cleaning work, cleaning can enter the grinding process. The last job is to reinstall the blade up. Reminder: Repairing a good blade mounted to the wood chip machine, it is best to immediately conduct a lubrication work.
3, Blunt blade wear and tear
If the wear of the blade is very serious (it has not been repaired or the repair cost is too high), a new chipper blade must be replaced. When buying a new blade, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the blade, do not careless.
It is obvious that the process of wood chipper is dull and dull. It is a long-term and unserviceable consequence. So a good way to recover the working efficiency is to deal with the damage extent of the blade. The method is so versatile that it is excellent for itself approach.