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Wood chip leakage protection


In order to prevent the circuit from burning down, we need to pay special attention to the safety of the power supply. In case of improper use of electricity, leakage easily occurs. Leakage will cause some potential safety problems, not only the equipment is affected to a certain extent , But also affect our personal safety, so the power of knowledge must focus on understanding, then learn together.
1, Equipped with high-voltage circuit breaker: When the system fails, it can not only through the role of relay protection device, cut off the overload current and short circuit current, but also cut off or closed the high-voltage circuit breaker no-load current and load current .
2. Grounding and grounding: In the low-voltage power grid directly grounded at the neutral point, the power plant should adopt zero-voltage connection and zero-protection. In the low-voltage power grid with neutral point not directly grounded, the electric power equipment of chip machine should adopt low-voltage grounding protection. Occasionally, in the three-phase four-wire neutral earth directly grounded grid, make protective neutral PEN repeated grounding in order to reduce the earth leakage of the equipment shell; to reduce the risk of electric shock due to the neutral line interruption; to protect the neutral The line should be as same as the phase line, the cross section should not be less than 50% of the phase line cross section.
3. Low-voltage power supply for special transformer of wood chip machine: Three-phase and five-wire system with neutral point grounding should be used to protect the zero system. The metal shell of electrical equipment must be reliably connected with the special protection neutral line. The special protection zero line Leakage protection by the first level should be zero-side power line or work ground wire, distribution room of the zero line leads.
When the wood chip machine leakage occurs, we must promptly shut down to detect what is the cause of leakage phenomenon, to strengthen the leakage of components to protect the equipment and the safety of the operator, of course, do not forget its maintenance And maintenance work .