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Wood chip machine belt tightness


Wood chip machine power source is the motor, the motor operation process, plays an important role is a belt, do not look it humble, its role is not small, it is the motor and the device between the transmission core components, And it's used for a long time, the general situation will appear loose, then we come to understand in depth about the tightness of the belt bar.
First, the wood chip machine belt in the long-term use, if there is slipping phenomenon, then prove the belt loose, we first stop the equipment, adjust the tightness of the belt, when there are times loose situation, it should adjust the motor position, Of course, not to say that the belt is as close as possible, if it is too tight, it will affect the service life of the belt, so adjust the tightness of the belt also need to pay attention to its elastic and moderate, not too tight.
Second, wood chipper belt adjustment, belt tightness, can be adjusted according to user needs, after installation can be used by hand pressure, so that the belt up and down the float, the best time to adjust the belt position. If you pull too tight, will reduce the motor speed, resulting in motor bearings fever; and too tight and the belt is also easy to slide, easy to affect the life of the motor and belt.
Therefore, the tightness of wood chip machine belt can be adjusted according to the base of the screw, with the adjustment screw to change the position of the motor on the slide, the belt to achieve the required degree of tightness, and then tighten the fixing bolts. The tightness of the belt, the installation can be hand-pressed way, so that the belt up and down the float, is the best position to adjust the belt.
If the belt of the wood chip machine becomes loose, we must make timely adjustments to prevent it from slipping. Although it is not very serious, it will also affect our work efficiency and reduce the service life of the machine. Therefore, Must be promptly dealt with.