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Wood chip machine maintenance


After working for a certain period of time, we need to carry out some maintenance work on it to ensure that it can improve its efficiency and the quality of equipment used. Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain the machine Necessary, in this case, we will come to a simple understanding of what it has under maintenance it.
(1) After the wood chip machine stops feeding, the hot stove continues to the system through the hot air 20min, in order to dry the internal components of the precipitator.
(2) Stop the polar vibration and dust discharge half an hour before the equipment stops feeding, so that a layer of dust accumulates on the plate and the polar line, and the dust hopper should maintain a certain level of dust.
(3) Immediately after the wind stopped to close the precipitator inlet and outlet valves to prevent intrusion of cold air, no matter how good the quality of wood chip machine equipment is the need to use the dust collector for maintenance and repair.
(4) Add a LC-250 high drop synthetic grease to the air pump bearing every 1000h, change the grease every year.
(5) Every half a month, clean the air filter of wood chip machine to ensure the smooth air passage.
(6) always check off the fan gear motor gearbox and make up.
(7) Keep the pulse controller surface clean.
(8) Weekly open the inspection door, check the filter bag is normal, the surface of the wood chip machine is too much powder phenomenon, and find out the reasons for troubleshooting.
(9) found that failure should be shut down in time to find the cause, repair and reuse.
(10) 1 to 2 times a year to check the pulse valve in the film, found damaged, aging should be promptly replaced.
Woodworking machine maintenance is an essential work, so when we use it must not forget the maintenance of it, only more focused on it, it can give back to you the good performance and effectiveness, Therefore, through today's description, I hope everyone will pay special attention to the future use of the system.