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Wood chip machine roll stuck solution


   The use of wood chip machine can achieve the purpose of cutting the wood easily, but during the use of some machines will be the phenomenon of material roll stuck, which we provide a series of solutions for the following.
   1, avoid using iron pieces to poke, so as not to fall into the wood chip machine caused serious accidents.
   2, the raw material card in the wood chip feeding mechanism of the second pair of rollers between the upper roller and the sparse plate, can only use the stick down poke.
   3, to ensure that the raw material along the length of the feed, to prevent horizontal feed.
   4, reasonable control of the amount of feed, is strictly prohibited direct imports of raw materials directly into the chip machine.
   5, wood chip under normal circumstances, as long as the input of wood to ensure that the thickness of less than 12cm, you can effectively avoid this failure.
   Wood chip machine roll stuck mainly because of a large number of forced feed, horizontal feed and sent to the thick wood caused by the solution in accordance with the above program to maximize the normal operation to ensure that the failure to affect the normal use.