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Wood chip machine works


Wood chip machine is a special equipment for producing high quality wood chips. Can be pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other logs, raw bamboo cut into uniform pieces of material, but also on the skin, veneer, bamboo sticks, corn stalks, cotton stalks, reeds and other non-wood fiber Pole and other materials for slicing, the user can according to need, within a certain range to regulate the discharge specifications of wood chips.
The main principle of the wood chip machine is to put the logs, branches and other wood into the drum, close the feed baffle, start the machine, run clockwise, the wood in the drum with the machine's operation, so that the stripping knife can be on the wood Peel the skin. Turn the machine off after 15 minutes, open the discharge bezel, and then turn the machine on and anticlockwise for two minutes. The peeled wood is automatically fed out of the drum. Stripping rate can reach 95%.
Wood chip discharge rules, high yield. Has always been an ideal device, whether it is from the production point of view, or through the effect, performance and other advantages of point of view, it is a leader, through the production capacity based on user needs to develop products, the efficiency of its use Even better, today we simply understand the general principle of its work, that is, we hope that we can better use the sense of proportion in future use.