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Wood chipper working principle and performance characteristics


   In the future of wood processing market chipper development and innovation of the road, chipper in the country's rapid development depends on its use of emerging technologies, its highly efficient energy-saving features is more popular, chipper manufacturers do not stop Here, there is no progress because there is no innovation. According to the analysis, the development potential of the chipper is quickly determined by the decisive factor of its own advantage is irreplaceable decision, after continuous production, research, sales and a series of the latest production technology into the development of chipper , Chipper compared to other wood processing machinery advantage will show out, simple structure, small footprint and other advantages of diversification determines the chipper in the path of innovation and development has taken a big step forward.
   Wood chipper working principle: work, the motor rotation through the pulley or linkage axle, wood chipper drive shaft and wood chipper straw in the eccentric sets of forced motion around a week fixed point for the swing movement. So that the crushing of the crushed straw and sometimes away from the fixed set in the adjustment of the shell on the surface of the mortar, so that the ore in the crushing chamber continue to be impact, extrusion and bending effect to achieve the ore crushing.
   Wood chipper Features: In the case of unbreakable foreign matter through the crushing chamber or for some reason the machine is overloaded, the wood chipper spring insurance system to achieve insurance, wood chipper row ore increases. Foreign matter from the wood chipper crushing chamber discharge, such as foreign body card in the discharge port using the cavity system, so that the ore continues to increase, so that foreign matter discharged wood chippers crushing chamber. Wood chipper under the action of the spring, the discharge port automatically reset, wood chipper machine back to normal work. Wood chipper series Crusher Crude wood chippers, broken wood chippers and crushed wood chipper three, according to the different needs of users to buy.