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Wood crusher common 3 problem solutions


   In the use of wood shredders often occur in such a small problem. Affect the progress of work, how to adjust the maintenance? The company for you to summarize the three wood shredders in the use of the process encountered small problems for your reference
   1, the inlet back spray
   The cause of the failure:
① damper adjustment is unreasonable, the pipeline is blocked or the sieve is blocked.
② dust collector bag permeability is poor, or the length is not enough.
① Adjust the opening of the damper or remove the plug in the pipe and the sieve. Making the wood shredders discharged.
② the use of better permeability of the dust collector bag, the length should be greater than 1.5 meters.
   2, bearing heat
   The cause of the failure:
① bearing lack of lubricants.
② bearing damage or a bending phenomenon occurred.
③ rotor imbalance caused.
④ motor shaft and shredder shaft is not a plane.
① add or replace the oil.
② Replace the bearing or spindle of the wood shredder.
③ balance test on the rotor.
④ Adjust the spindle of the motor and the spindle of the wood shredder so that the sides of the two spindles are in the same plane.
   3, wood crusher crushing cavity sound.
   The cause of the failure:
wood crusher parts off, or hammer and the screen between the distance is too short, resulting in hammer touch screen surface.
② there are foreign body into the shredder.
Stop and open the cover, check the distance between the hammer and the screen, if too close, then adjust the distance, if there is foreign body, the foreign body will be removed.